10 Best Coffee Grinder Under $100 in 2021-Reviews and Buying Guide

Can you tell the secret behind the taste of a high-class coffee?

Yes, that’s right. It is due to the freshness of the ground coffee. Nothing can match the taste of a brewed coffee that has been ground just now.

For a perfect cup of coffee, you need to grind your coffee beans on the spot. The aroma, flavor everything still stays there when you start brewing it.

Best Coffee Grinder Under $100

But for a perfect coffee grinder, you do not need to count a lot of bucks. You can get the best coffee grinder under $100. This list will lead you to such incredible grinders all within your budget.

10 Best Coffee Grinder Under 100 Usd  at A Glance




KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder for Spice, Dry Herbs and Coffee, 12-Cups, Black

KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder 

Hamilton Beach Fresh Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Fresh Electric Coffee Grinder

SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder

SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision 

Cuisinart Supreme

Cuisinart Supreme

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder - Empire Red

KitchenAid BCG111ER Blade Coffee Grinder - Empire Red

Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder

Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder

Scroll thoroughly and choose wisely. You will find your desired grinder within this list of the best coffee grinders. Let’s pick the finest one that comes with the lowest price tag!

01. Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

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What makes a great grinder is its grinding technique. Each technique has its own specialty. A blade grinder works with a fine blade. It pierces through the beans and crushes them to powder.

This grinder from Krups is a blade grinder. It’s simple in design and small in size. The best part about this grinder is its versatility. You can crush through coffee beans, spices, hard nuts, and so on. Grinding is its job and it does its job right.

You do not have to wonder about buttons and adjustments with confusion. Because all it got is only one button. This one button will do the job for you. This machine works in a pulse system. So, it will work as you press the button. As long as you keep pressing it the machine will work. You choose the time you want to grind depending on how fine you want the grind to be.

It grinds with a vortex spin technology. This helps in grinding the beans in seconds. No time wasted. You get your coffee ground instantly within a blink of an eye. It can grind coffee for 12 cups within just 15 seconds. No lag, no damage. Runs smooth as butter. All it runs for is to give you the finest result.

And you get all without any unnecessarily loud sound. It will run smooth making the least sound possible. You can use the grinder early in the morning without having the tension of waking everyone up in the house. You get your coffee and everyone gets their sleep for its noiseless peaceful working capability.

Key Features:

  • versatile blade grinder. Can grind other items besides coffee.
  • Pulse grinding system. Works with a single button.
  • Very fast grinder. Can grind 12 cups of coffee in seconds.
  • Completes the grinding making the least sound possible.

02. Hamilton Beach Fresh Electric Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Fresh Electric Coffee Grinder

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Hamilton beach grinder is a wonderful coffee grinder. It’s simple, small, and most importantly effective in its work.

It’s annoying to keep things stacking up on the countertop. But its decorative look will compel you to showcase it in your kitchen.

Nothing is better than having a powerful grinder that knows to work silently. With a whispering sound, you will get your coffee beans ground in no time. You can complete the total task of grinding your coffee beans without disturbing the person in the next room.

It is as simple as it looks. Nothing complex is given on it. Its operating system includes only one single starting option. No extra things. Just press and grind. As simple as it is said.

Cleaning electric grinders are not that easy. It mainly causes electric tools and water don’t go together. But it is the opposite of this grinder. You can take out the most important part which has to be kept clean, i.e., the coffee chamber. Quick cleaning is possible if the body parts are detachable.

If you want to keep the grinder on the countertop, you can do so. It won’t take much space and give a sophisticated look to your kitchen. No need to think about the wire mess. It is solved by its convenient cord storage system. At the base, it has some hideout space for its long wire. You can wrap up the wire after using the grinder and pack it inside the grinder.

Key Feature:

  • Gives a quiet grinding experience.
  • Easy operating system.
  • Quick cleaning possible due to the detachable grinding compartment.
  • Convenient cord storing facility at the base.

03. SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder

SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder

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A grinder should be powerful. It has to grind solid coffee beans so there is no room for weak grinders.

Taking the power game to a whole different level, Shardor has brought out this magnificent coffee grinder with high potential. Its motor is capable of providing a massive 20000 to 240000 RPM blade speed.

With its mighty speed, your beans can get crushed in seconds. You can be slow to fill the beans inside the grinder but the grinder will be faster to provide you the ground coffee. You can get a coarse finish within 8-9 seconds. For a finer ground, it will take around 15 seconds. You can verily tell how fast it is.

To make the whole working process even faster, it has a fast operating system. it doesn’t include any buttons or switches. It works with its lid. This ingenious system allows you to cover and start the grinder both together.

As you put the lid over the coffee chamber it covers the chamber. Then as you press down the bouncy lid it starts grinding. It will keep grinding as look as you hold it and stops when you release it. The total process couldn’t be any simpler.

This sophisticated tool is great in all dimensions. Regarding its work, you won’t have any issues. Its outer appearance is as good as its functionality too.

A small compact design makes it suitable for storing anywhere. You can even merely put it on the countertop too. It won’t take much space and also give a good vibe visually. It is an ideal type for any home.

Key Feature:

  • Powerful grinder with 200W motor.
  • Can give the finest ground coffee in 15 Seconds.
  • No button operating system. Just pressing the lid does the work.
  • Small size is perfect for small kitchen spaces.

04. Mueller Austria Hyper Grind Precision Electric Grinder

Mueller Austria Hyper Grind Precision Electric Grinder

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Control over coarseness is an important feature for a grinder. The right coarseness will give you the expected taste of the coffee.

You can’t use any coarseness for making coffee. Each has its own requirements. This coffee grinder allows you to have full control over this. Simply maintaining the grinding time, you can find the right coarseness.

No matter what type of coffee you want to drink, you can grind the beans according to it. You can get a big chunky grind which is mainly the coarse grind or you can try out the medium-coarse grind or can grind it fine like powder. The best part is you can choose in between them. There is no fixed calibration for that. You can choose the grind size yourself as per the coffee you will be drinking.

All this hard work of grinding beans is done by its heavy-duty quality ensured stainless steel blade. It’s highly durable due to its built. It won’t be dulling anytime soon. You can crush your coffee beans for a long time before the blade starts fading. Its sharp and solid structure grinds down the beans in seconds for you.

Simplicity is a feature of this grinder. It has a simple compact structure. You can fit or lift it single-handedly. The ergonomic design is very convenient for handling the grinder. You can keep it on your countertop or can choose to store it inside your cabinet. It won’t take much space and can be stored without any fuss.

Key Feature:

  • Gives better control over the coarseness of the coffee.
  • Can give the perfect coarseness for any type of coffee.
  • Quality ensured stainless steel-built blade for grinding different forms of coffee beans.
  • Compact ergonomic design can be stored inside or kept out on the countertop.

05. Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

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An electric burr grinder like this is a highly useful appliance in the kitchen. You must get it if you have a large family. It can fit a massive 32 cups of coffee at a time on it.

The chamber is removable. So, you can put the beans on them and keep them in a separate place too. It will keep your coffee beans dry and safe covered with a plastic lid.

Even if you don’t have a large family, this grinder is still for you. You can choose the amount of coffee to be ground at a time in this grinder. This saves you from wasting coffee and get the right amount you need to make your coffee.

Once you set up the function of the total number of cups you want, your job is done there. Then the machine itself will stop right thereafter grinding the amount you require.

The adjustment system is very simple in this. It works as you slide the upper half of the tool. This makes it even more effortless for the setting. You can set it without having to calculate anything yourself. This fully automatic device with advanced settings ensures everything for you.

Different coffee requires a different grind size. The basic sizes are coarse, medium coarse, and fine. Among these three are all the fuss, which one do you want? Sometimes the problem shifts to how coarse or how medium-coarse or how fine you want it to be?

This creates a lot of issues. That’s why this grinder includes measuring indicators with clear markings. It has got 3 main options. Within these 3 there are subdivisions to make it easier to choose with precision while choosing between two sizes among the given three.

Key Feature:

  • The large removable chamber can hold ground coffee for up to 32 cups.
  • Includes facility for selecting the fixed amount of coffee to be ground.
  • Has an advanced sliding adjustment system.
  • Can select from 3 coarseness options.

06. Java Presse Manual Coffee Grinder

Java Presse Manual Coffee Grinder

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What is most important for a tool is simplicity in function. The simpler it is to use, the better it is.

This manual burr coffee grinder is a perfect example of such a simple tool. Anybody can use it. Just put your beans in and drive. It’s much fun and more of an experience as you yourself do it.

Hardly anyone likes the ‘Grh’ loud sound of machines. It is probably the most annoying thing on earth. You will be relieved from such torture if you chose this manual grinder. It will give you 90% noiseless performance.

Now you can ask what about the rest 10%? Well, it should not be called noise cause this marring sound that it produces while crushing the beans is rather a soothing thing to hear.

If you are traveling somewhere and want your own ground coffee, this will be a perfect thing to carry along with you. Its slim detachable body parts can be packed in tight space.

It’s really a unique feature for convenient storage. Even in your home kitchen, you can slip it inside your drawer or the cabinet without taking much space. You won’t be facing any trouble regarding storing even for once.

The most important thing is the coarseness adjustment. This grinder pass with flying colors on this. You get a total 18 click adjustment facility for delivering the ideal type of coffee you want.

Its bottom storage chamber opens giving you full exposure to the controlling knob. All you have to do is rotate the knob and count the clicks to set it for the desired coarseness.

Key Feature:

  • Easy to use manual burr coffee grinder.
  • Gives a noiseless grinding experience.
  • Has a slim body with detachable parts. Convenient for storing.
  • 18 clicks burr adjustment facility for perfect coarseness.

07. Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

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Cleaning an electric grinder can be that easy wouldn’t be known if it was not for Capresso! Cleaning a grinder is a hard job if it’s an electric one. No way you can bring water close to it.

But for this Capresso grinder, you can take the parts close to the water. Its detachable parts are washable. You can wash them with normal soap and water.

It includes a removable upper bean chamber and lower ground coffee storage chamber. Unlike others, this grinder has the facility of detaching the upper burr for cleaning. You can take that out and clean the burr separately.

After cleaning the parts, you need to put them back in the right place. They should be put accurately for the tool to function. Otherwise, it won’t.

To ensure proper safety for you, it has this safety lock mechanism. This prevents the machine from working if the container does not fit in its place or is unsteady. It’s a reflex technique set in it to avoid unwanted accidents.

Once you successfully set the parts, you can pour the right amount of beans and grind. You won’t have to be worrying about your precious fresh coffee fragrance fading away in the process. This grinder creates the least heat possible which is created due to friction. It works accordingly to provide the original flavor and aroma.

The grind size adjustment system is pretty straightforward. It gives you solid 16 options which mainly derive from 4 general sizes.

These premium options give you the utmost control over the coarseness of your coffee. You can get exactly what you expect from this grinder.

Key Feature:

  • Electric burr grinder with detachable upper burr for facilitating easy cleaning.
  • A safety lock mechanism prevents the grinder from working when the container is not in place.
  • Keeps fragrance and flavor intact creating less heat and friction.
  • Has specifically 16 specific options for choosing the coarseness of the coffee.

08. Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Oxo Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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One of the most important factors for a good coffee is the uniformity of the sizes of the ground coffee. The ground coffee should be uniformly crushed to achieve delicacy in taste. And it is highly prioritized in this OXO conical burr grinder.

You can set the coarseness size as per your desire with its very simple adjustment system. It is an advanced adjustment technique with a sliding mechanism. You just have to rotate and fix the right number under the highlighted tag.

It is marked with scaling indicators for making the task extremely simple for you. Everything is ready for you; you just have to choose them.

It includes a timer facility too. You set the time for how long to grind the beans. The timer setting is simple with a traditional number knob system. But it doesn’t end with just a simple traditional trace. It has a modern touch too.

The timer is made likewise that it can keep the memory of the last grinding session too. You don’t have to set it each time. It will be there for you in your next session.

Simplicity is served in the best way in this grinder. After finishing all the adjustment systems, the powering of the grinder shouldn’t be complicated.

This worked as a motto to this grinder that has a painless single button service. Just with one simple button on the center of the timer you are supposed to start your grinder.

Key Feature:

  • Grinds uniformly to preserve the flavors.
  • Simple sliding coarseness adjusting system.
  • Includes timer facility that keeps the memory of the last setting.
  • Single-button start facility with already set adjustments.

09. Kitchen Aid Bcg111 Er Blade Coffee Grinder

Kitchen Aid Bcg111 Er Blade Coffee Grinder

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It is a small size blade grinder with such an attractive design. You can get it in two colors. Both of them are perfect for countertop decoration.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s merely a nice-looking device. This extraordinary grinder is a powerful tool with good looks. So, you get both at a time.

Its working mechanism is quite different from the conventional ones. Instead of a normal switch, it works with its lid. After putting the lid, press on it. Just like that, it will start grinding. Simple isn’t it?

The chamber where the beans are ground is made of stainless steel. This shiny outer and inner surface will definitely catch your attraction. It is really polished with a nice shine. Quality material is used for its construction. You can use it for a long time to come without any issues of damage and decay.

You must put the right amount of coffee beans for grinding the right amount of coffee you need to make your drink. It gets hard to measure merely with eyes and bare hands. A little will give much accuracy and save you from doing waste.

That’s why it includes this convenient scaling indication inside the chamber. You can measure as you pour coffee into it.

It doesn’t end here. This chamber is also a removable one. That means you can detach it from the main body and pour coffee in or out. It is also helpful for cleaning purposes too.

The access to the inside of the grinder that you will have after removing the chamber won’t be the same if it was fixed. All these small thoughtful additions make the tool a very useful one.

Key Feature:

  • Starts easily by slight pressure on the cover.
  • The coffee grinding chamber is made of stainless steel for durable use.
  • Has scaling marks inside to measure the quantity of coffee.
  • Removable bean bowl for making it easy to transfer the ground coffee.

10. Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder

Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder

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If you need a coffee grinder for your small-sized kitchen, there couldn’t be a better choice. It is tiny in size but mighty in work. Your hard coffee beans will be ground to powder in just seconds.

Once you pour your coffee beans in it, you must put the lid on appropriately. Otherwise, it won’t start grinding. This is a simple but effective safety measure included in this grinder. The power switch is also included on its lid. So, until you put the lid on its position accurately it won’t start working. This avoids the unwanted starting of the grinder when the safety lid is not on.

As you grind the beans you need to keep track of it. It is always a matter of curiosity how much you have grounded or how it is working or to check if it’s the right grind size you want. For all this, it includes a see-through lid. You can look through it and keep track of your coffee.

You are not limited to grinding only coffee beans with this tool. This versatile grinder lets you also grind spices and nuts. You can grind them into powder to be used for various purposes.

After crushing the desired ingredient, you can easily empty the chamber. Its small size and ergonomic shape allow you to tilt it upside down for pouring the powdered item.

Besides that, you can use the brush that this set includes. You can brush out even the last bits of coffee without any difficulty.

Key Feature:

  • Has a special safety feature for avoiding accidental start.
  • See-through lid for keeping track of the grinding process.
  • Versatile grinder. Can be used for grinding spices and even nuts.
  • Includes a convenient brush for dusting all the ground coffee properly.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder Under $100 (buying Guide)

These are the key points that you can look for while buying a coffee grinder.

Speed of Grinder

The speed of a grinder is an important aspect to be noted. Many factors depend on speed. With this speed basically, it is meant that how fast the grinder will work to crush the beans.

The high-speed grinders can work fast but create unwanted heat and static energy. It somewhat deteriorates the taste of the coffee. However, such grinders can give you more control over the coarseness.

On the other hand, is the low-speed grinder. Such grinder is the star among the grinders. It can grind the coffee-producing almost no heat or static energy. As it works comparatively slow produces less noise and delivers the best outcome.


The capacity of the grinder is a must talk aspect. You need to know how much coffee can the grinder fit at a time. The capacity fluctuates from grinder to grinder.

You can find large-sized grinders that can hold coffee for around 32 cups. Such large-sized grinders are mostly electric grinders. The manual ones come in a much smaller version. They can fit coffee for around 2-4 cups.

You can also find automatic grinders of this capacity too. The automatic ones come both in large and small sizes. The smaller versions of automatic grinders remain small in size with a compact body.

Time Required

Coffee grinders are not supposed to take a long time for grinding coffee beans. They are made such a way to make the task easier for you.

The faster the coffee can be ground and brewed the better it is. If it takes a longer time, much of the essence of the coffee will be lost. It is best served faster. So, the grinder that takes lesser time for grinding is better for this job.

Normally the automatic grinders take seconds to grind coffee. Whereas the manual ones might take a little longer. But the problem arises when the grinder takes way too long.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s now check some of the most frequently asked questions about coffee grinders and professionals’ answers to them. Hopefully, they will help you pick the finest one in the market.

  • Do I Need a Coffee Grinder?

Buying a coffee grinder would be the best decision you make. If you want a perfect cup of coffee, there is no alternative to freshly ground coffee. The flavor and aroma you would find in recently ground coffee won’t be the same for a ready-packed one.

It is said that the coffee starts losing its essence as soon as it is ground. So, it is best to grind instantly and brew. You won’t like any other taste of coffee once you start drinking your freshly ground coffee. And for this, you need your own grinder.

  • How Many Types of Grinders Are There?

You can find so many types of coffee grinders. Popular ones are a burr grinder and a blade grinder. These two come both in manual and automatic form. As you search you can find many others but these two are the best forms of grinders.

  • Can I Control the Size of The Grind?

Ans. Yes, you definitely can control the size of your grind. Every grinder has this option. This allows you to grind the coffee as per the way you want to drink it. The only difference is in the settings.

Different grinders have different coarseness adjustment systems. For the burr grinders, they are generally adjusted counting clicks.

However, the advanced electric ones have a modern automatic system which is much easier to set.

Again, the blade grinders can be controlled based on time. The more time you grind the beans the finer it will be.

  • What coarseness is required for a perfect coffee?

Ans. Right coarseness is one of the key elements of a perfect cup of coffee. A lot depends on it. Different coffee requires different coarseness of ground coffee. While grinding, the coarseness should be based on the coffee you want to drink.

If you want to drink French press or pour-over coffee, you need a much coarser grind. Whereas for the drip or siphon coffee your grind should be medium coarse. And for a perfect cup of espresso, you have to grind your coffee beans finely like powder.

  • How often should I clean my grinder?

Ans. Cleaning the grinder should be a regular thing. You should clean the grinder right after use. It can be merely wiping with a damp cloth, but it should be done regularly. Skipping the cleaning part may result in producing unnecessary debris on the grinder. It will destroy its looks and also effectiveness.

Besides the uniformity of the coarseness is at stake here. For instance, if the coffee from the last grinding session still remains in the grinder by mistake, it will be mixed with the new batch. This will create an influence on the taste of coffee and you won’t find the expected outcome.

Many coffee grinders have removable body parts that are dishwasher-proof. You can easily toss them in the dishwasher after use. Normal water and soap will do the work too.

Final Words

It won’t be a good decision to skip the vital element and expect your coffee to taste better. A coffee grinder can completely change the taste of the coffee. You never can match the freshness and the essence delivered by an instantly ground coffee and a packed coffee.

You choose any grinder from this list of best coffee grinder under 100 usd reviews, it will help you obtain the finest taste of coffee you have been searching for everywhere. And most importantly, you get that right under your budget.

You can give SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder a try and see the difference yourself. I bet once you start using a coffee grinder you won’t be drinking coffee without it!

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