Best French Roast Coffee Brands of 2021-Top Ten Reviews

Whereas connoisseurs’ taste buds are surprised with citrusy and robust flavors of the best French roast coffee from different parts of the world, I hate the idea that we, the not-so-intellectual lot fine arts, have to suffer from regular, stale coffee every morning.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

It sure isn’t. Why wait in boring coffee shop queues only to be late for work?

Keep reading to energize your mornings with the freshest and finest cup of the best French Press, right at home.

Best French Roast Coffee


10 Best French Roast Coffee at A Glance





SAN FRANCISCO BAY Coffee French Roast

SAN FRANCISCO BAY Coffee French Roast

McCafé French Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

McCafé French Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Peet's Coffee French Roast, Dark Roast, K-Cup

Peet's Coffee French Roast, Dark Roast, K-Cup

Amazon Brand - 100 Ct. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods, French Roast

Amazon Brand - 100 Ct. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

SF Bay Coffee French Roast 120 Ct Dark Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

SF Bay Coffee French Roast 120 Ct Dark Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

McCafe Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Canister French Roast

McCafe Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Canister French Roast

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Peet's Coffee Organic French Roast, Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Peet's Coffee Organic French Roast, Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Victor Allen Coffee, French Roast Single Serve K-cup

Victor Allen Coffee, French Roast Single Serve K-cup

01. San Francisco Bay Coffee 

SAN FRANCISCO BAY Coffee French Roast


I’m a big junkie for ethical and fairly traded goods; are you too? If you’re as concerned about the environment as I am, this might be your best fit.

Getting that right blend of French roast is a complex process. Some might find it too bitter, whereas; others might succumb to its shockingly-awakening taste. Nevertheless, these San Francisco Bay pods can elevate the coffee bean flavor, especially if you own a Keurig machine to compliment it.

The French roast coffee is renowned for its dark, smoky, and rich flavor but with just a hint of acidity. And this is great because did you know that a mark of 70% less acid in coffee brands reduces heartburns and eliminates the chances of an upset stomach?

Well, you have me sold with these criteria, alone.

However, there’s more. These premium blends of beans are always fresh as it comes in single-pods and with a banger of 100 single-serve pods. Wow!

I also love the variations of flavor that you can choose from within French roast, Decaf French Roast, Fog Chaser, Espresso, Dark Roast Variety, or Extra Dark Italian. Honestly, I think I’ve just mentioned all kinds of coffee-lovers here. So, go and grab what your taste buds desire the most.

Moreover, the cups are biodegradable. So, you can keep drinking cups after cups without hampering your health or the environment.

  • Great bargain.
  • Convenient and quick.
  • Balanced acidity.
  • 1-serving pod thus, fresh every time.
  • Strong, dark flavor.
  • The pods could leak.

02. Mc Cafe French Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

McCafé French Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods


There’s something unique about the darkest roast blend, which leaves a sheer velvety feel when you take that first sip in the morning. Mmmm… With hints of rich cocoa flavor and a boost of intense aroma—God, I’m salivating!

These McCafe K-Cup pods are 100% Arabica beans with a dark roast caffeine blend that gets you to want more with each sip. And do you know why that is? 100% Arabica blend thoroughly enriches the coffee flavor.

Just like the former contemporary, these pods are fully recyclable too and responsibly sourced; thus, sustainable as well. In support of a healthier planet and an optimized lifestyle for the farming communities, this initiative by McCafe was highly appreciated by users.

Let me ask you this — do you live alone, with your significant other, or in a full-grown family? Your need for pack sizes per person matters to McCafe. That’s why they offer an array of 7 sizes with varying packs.

If you want no waste, no harm, and no-hassle coffee pods — get this!

  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with Keurig machines.
  • Rich flavor.
  • Great value for money pods.
  • Customers complained that some of the K-Cups might not be filled in equal amounts.

03.Peet’s Coffee French Roast

Peet's Coffee French Roast, Dark Roast, K-Cup


Are you frantically looking for freshness in your French roast beans? We’ve all been there, and let me tell you — to get that right balance between sweet and bitter taste in your ground coffee, it’s tough.


If you’re as frustrated as me, good news: The Peet’s Coffee French Roast is here to save the day.

But not only is this your ultimate solution but, this is extremely easy to use and brew with a promise to deliver unparalleled freshness in every cup of piping hot coffee. So, cheers to divulging the best French roast cup of Joe every day!

Did you know that because of its 100% Arabica coffee blend, you can get the finish of a gourmet cup of coffee? Yes, you can finally toss the need of waiting in an overcrowded Starbucks queue. What win-win.

The dark, bold, and fresh earthy flavor is a blessing by Peet’s due to their prolonged hotter roast processing. Mind you — all kinds of beans can’t bear a hotter roast; however, Peet’s has perfected that unique feature.

Their commitment is thus, hard to achieve but praise-worthy as they source their natural goods in small batches with high standards and from the best resources around the world.

This indeed helps in maintaining the flavor, aroma, and freshness of the coffee.

  • Fresh 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Rich, dark flavor.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • The quality of the K-Cup pods could be better.

04. Amazon Brand – 100 Ct. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

Amazon Brand - 100 Ct. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods


If you’re in search of optimum convenience where the coffee pods would be compatible with any good quality coffee brewer brand then, let’s introduce you to your new superhero.

Undoubtedly, one-serve pods are a great hit. They create less havoc in the kitchen, and you wouldn’t have to spend 10 precious minutes rubbing your kitchen counter. But, most brands fall behind when it comes to convenience and restrict you to limited taste.

Now, who doesn’t like to explore a bit? Even if it’s with coffee, right?

I, for one, love to switch up my taste buds with lattes, fresh grounds, espresso, or plain black coffee. If you’re into exploring, too, read along.

The Solimo coffee pods ensure freshness, intense, and

 bold taste with each cup of coffee due to its sealed cups. Thus, your coffee grounds will be as good as new, without the risks of sipping on stale coffee. Eww!

Furthermore, you can have your pick between French and Dark Roast to suit your preference. Go ahead and enjoy the true smoky flavor that Arabica coffee has to offer.

You’re missing out if you haven’t!

  • Robust Arabica flavor.
  • No bitter aftertaste.
  • Fresh and easy-to-use single-cup serves.
  • Lower acidity.
  • Not the darkest roast blend out there.

05.Sf Bay Coffee French Roast

SF Bay Coffee French Roast 120 Ct Dark Roast Compostable Coffee Pods



The reason why SF coffees are the best catch for coffee lovers is that they are always freshly sourced from authentic resources like South and Central America.

This gives way to a fresh aroma and a rich dark roasted coffee blend like no other. Their trick is to roast the beans long enough until the oils shine through, giving it an enhanced dark, full-bodied, smoky flavor. Are you guessing why SF coffee has you licking your lips afterward? This is why!

Other than being compatible with the world-renowned Keurig machines, these are also very convenient as they come in single-serve cups with around 10 flavors to choose from. My personal favorite? The Donut Shop, of course!

Other than the coffee itself, the entire construction is well thought-out with eco-friendly and compostable cups. The bag, one-way coffee valve, and cups are made from plant-based composition and certified by BPI.

Another good news: Amongst the rarely-founded, customer-concerned brands, SF happens to be one of them. They prioritize customer satisfaction and promise to take note of every purchase and complaint.

  • Affordable pricing.
  • 10 flavors.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Low acidity, dark roast.
  • The beans are a tad oily

06. Mc Cafe Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Canister French Roast

McCafe Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Canister French Roast


Perhaps you want to stick to your roots and don’t want to ride the single-pod serve wagon. Will the coffee community accept you? I’m kidding; of course, they will!

McCafe doesn’t surround its customer with a generic kind and style of coffee blend or, in this case, serving. Thus, these 29 ounces of canisters are here to rescue you from single-serve pods. Now, there’s nothing more delightful than scooping up a spoon full of coffee beans, am I right?

As soon as the coffee aroma wafts through you, you’ll practically get restless for the delicious, intense dark roasted blend to dance on your taste buds.

The dark roast caffeine has 100% Arabica beans mixed in this potion, which will soothe your nerves and energize your mornings. Furthermore, it’s also U certified and 100% sustainable with reasonable sources and a healthier decomposition plan.

The Arabica bean blend is yet another hit in this canister full of joy because of its expertly roasted methods under a consistent temperature-controlled environment.

And all of this just to give you the best taste with every cup and every sip.

  • Rich, dark Arabica flavor.
  • Intense aroma.
  • Serves multiple times.
  • U certified.
  • None.

07. Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee


Who doesn’t know this fantastic brand that has been feeding us out-of-the-world, weird combinations of drinks that we can possibly come up with? And the greatest part? They turn out smacking-good!

The opinion on whether Starbucks is actually worth the buck is as divided as the nation itself.

However, you’re either a ride or die when it comes to Starbucks, and there’s no in-between. Evidently, when Starbucks launched its special beans in whole packs, Starbucks coffee-lovers went wild with happiness.

Whether you find Starbucks ‘meh’ or ‘yay,’ this whole pack of French Roast Whole Bean Coffee by Starbucks will snatch away the dread of waiting in lines.

And the best part?

You get top-notch quality coffee right at home!

If you’re an aficionado who loves fair trade with their money in return for dark coffee flavor, quality beans, and strong flavors — you will fall hard for this one.

The coffee grounds are exceptional due to the Arabica blend, which gives off a dark roasted and bold flavor. You get a jolt of coffee shot coursing through you in every sip. So, say goodbye to morning drowsiness.

The whole bag is vacuum-sealed thus; the coffee grounds will remain intact and fresh with every use. It’s also easy on your metabolism due to low acidity, but it makes up with its explosive and rich taste.

  • Bold flavor.
  • Easy brew.
  • Affordable.
  • Has a chocolaty undertone.
  • Has a bitter aftertaste.

08. Peet’s Coffee Organic French Roast

Peet's Coffee Organic French Roast, Dark Roast Ground Coffee


Bittersweet, smoky flavor with hints of caramel? All in favor, say — Aye!

Seriously though, has Peet’s ever invented any coffee mix that was straight up — bad? Nope, not that I know of. This USDA certified organic pack is close to perfect with an affordable price range and a coffee flavor that will make your heart flutter.

Often, you will notice people caring less about the price tag when it comes to Peet’s, and it’s because they’d rather have a fresh cup of Joe every morning with a higher price to pay than writhe in pain as they gulp down cheap tasteless coffee. Yuck!

And that’s what makes it incompatible with its competitors.

The key factor here is Pete’s invention focusing on pushing our coffee taste limits. Whereas some of us love a deep, chocolaty flavor, others like a mellow vanilla undertone. But mind you — they’re also targeting the lesser famous category such as caramel, in this case.

It also has a roasted smoky flavor that is bestowed due to the long roasting process of the coffee beans. Don’t worry; it also has an apt bitter taste that will shoo away your sleep-deprived senses.

Pro tip: Freshly roasted beans have the richest flavor. The aroma and taste are at their peak when roasting is done right and fresh.

Don’t know if your coffee is fresh? You will now! This is yet another knowledge you must obtain in order to know what you’re drinking and if it’s actually fresh or will give off underwhelming stale flavors.

Toss your old coffee grounds and get this Arabica coffee with Organic and Kosher certifications.

  • Incompatible rich, caramel flavor.
  • Longer roasting process – remains fresh longer.
  • Value for money.
  • It has an array of flavors.
  • Some people dislike the caramel undertone.

09. Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup

Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods


To be fair, I’ve tasted a couple of Starbucks whole packs and, of course, made a few billion runs to my local SB store. But boy, oh boy, are these Starbucks K-cups the absolute best. And for too many reasons!

It’s thrilling to have Starbucks K-Cups only for the fact that they’re so handy and friendly for one-time use. Heck, it’s almost too satisfying when the pods reveal the freshest coffee beans with their intricately packed roasted and robust aroma.

Honestly, I’m not a morning person, far from it, actually. But, I look forward to this part of my mornings eagerly.

If you’re a fan of regular cappuccinos and lattes, it’s high time for you to give regular coffee roasts a shot. There’s simply something exquisite in brewing a fresh cup of roasted beans coffee. And something that you can easily enjoy at home now!

These K-cups are filled with rich, dark flavors that are designated to hit you right in the face with the first sip. Let me ask you this – Are you into s’mores?

I mean, who isn’t, right? You will taste the additional burnt marshmallow undertone that these K-Cups coffee have, other than the enjoyable dark French Roast flavor. And with just a dollop of cream? Deliziosa!

Furthermore, the aftertaste lingers for quite some time, long after you’re done sipping the entire cup empty. The heavy, velvety flavor is extremely delicious and heavy thus, leaves behind a sweet lingering taste on your tongue.

If you’re a fan of light-bodied and strong-flavored coffee — this is it.

  • 6 flavors.
  • Fresh, bold flavor.
  • Great Starbucks’ drink alternative.
  • Affordable.
  • Some have complained about the acidity level.

10. Victor Allen Coffee

Victor Allen Coffee, French Roast Single Serve K-cup


So, you’ve been foraging through the aisles for years in search of the best velvety coffee that’s harsh plus dark in taste but soft and warm to your soul. The worst part?

You’ve tried a billion coffee pods in search of your perfect match, and they all turned out to be complete junk.


Hold up — we’re not just here to drag you through your worst dreams; we also have the solution for it. These Victor Allen coffee pods are the answer to all your worries. Yes, the best, intensely smoky and rich, flavored smooth coffee does exist, after all!

The Arabica, 100% mix, is what we all want when we need a good quality dark roast coffee bean pack. And sure thing — all the 4-count packs are filled with them.

Moreover, what conforms to its authenticity is the Kosher certified label that it proudly operates on.

Cheers to the end of your search for the best velvety bodied, soft and rich coffee. Thank us later!

  • Budget saver.
  • Velvety flavor.
  • No bitter aftertaste.
  • Balanced acidity.
  • The taste differs a bit from generic French Roast.

Buying Guide of French Roast Coffee

Starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee demands the best french roast coffee. But, you should have an idea about the features that are mandatory to meet your desire. Also, it is complicated for a beginner to know what to look for. 

Don’t worry! To make the math uncomplicated for you, here I will put shed on some key points that you mustn’t underestimate before buying your coffee.

Roast Type

You should choose the right type of roast according to your taste. There is Lightly roasted, dark, and medium roasted coffee available. Different people prefer different roasts. If you aren’t sure which type would be appropriate for you, you can start with light roast sweet coffee.

Amount of Caffeine

Caffeine provides us the freshness to concentrate more on our tasks. It has many merits and demerits. However, if you don’t like to intake too much caffeine, you must get the coffee pack containing less caffeine or choose decaffeinated coffee. So, please check the quantity of caffeine before purchasing.

Check Certification

This is an essential criterion. You will find plenty of third-party coffee and low-quality brands that offer coffee at a low price, but they don’t have any certification. Be aware! Uncertified coffee can cause serious health issues. So, you need to check the quality assurance certificate of the coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is French Roast Coffee Strong?

 Definitely, it has a strong flavor with a black, smoky fragrance and hot taste. In the matter of caffeine, French roast coffee is not stronger compared to other dark roasts.

 What Does French Roast Mean in Coffee?

 French implies the name as a degree of the coffee and describes the color after roasting the bean in terms of the roast. Usually, French roasted coffee has dark color chocolate and is smoky with a great flavor.

 Is French Roast Coffee Healthy?

 French roast coffee is a tremendous source for having caffeine, which is more beneficial for the human brain. They have a lower risk of multiple types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and cognitive impairment who consume dark roast coffee regularly.

 Is Espresso Stronger than French Roast?

Absolutely not. Basically, the French roast takes more time than the light and medium roast, and more oil is extracted from it. However, Espresso is just a kind of grind.

 Is French Roast Coffee Bitter?

 Obviously, it contains more bitterness. This is because the coffee is burning, and burning with high temperatures; thus, it brings a bitter taste. For the dark roasting level, there cannot survive any unique coffee flavors.

Final Words:

All the coffee reviews have got me wanting to make a quick trip to the kitchen for a hot cup of Joe. But that’s the best thing about having the correct appliances and the best French Roast coffee at home.

Quick trips to your local Starbucks? Not anymore!

You’re a connoisseur now; thus, wear it loud and proud. So, go ahead. Keep grinding and brewing!

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