Top 5 Best Manual Coffee Grinder for French Press in 2024

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The best way to enjoy your morning brew is to start with the perfect coffee grind. You could either purchase coffee that has already been ground for you or simply get the beans and do the honor yourself.

Coffee connoisseurs love the French press brew because of its consistency and flavor impact on the final product. To attain the ideal outcome, it’s advised to grind the beans before brewing.

We have picked the best manual coffee grinder for the French press to make things easier for you. These products will make sure you get what you need, from fine grinds to coarse ends. These bean grinders will ensure your morning cup is made with perfection.

Quick Summary

Overall Best For French Press: Javapresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Best Portable Manual Coffee Grinder: Hario Mini Slip Pro Manual Coffee Grinder

Best Conical Burr Manual Grinder: Hario Skerton Pro Manual Grinder

Budget-Friendly Manual Grinder: Hario Skerton Plus Manual Grinder

Best Premium Manual Coffee Grinder: Handground Precision Manual Grinder

5 Best Manual Coffee Grinders for French Press Reviews

Why do you need a grinder when you can buy coffee from the market? Well, many styles of brewing work better when you dust the beans before the mixing process, and this is where a manual grinder at your home can help.

More importantly, if you are a coffee connoisseur and love to work the beans by yourself, then a coffee grinder is a must. There are many types of bean crushers on the market, but not everything you see is good. We have highlighted some of the best manual grinders so that you can make a perfect cup all by yourself.




Javapresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Javapresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

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Hario Mini Slip Pro Manual Coffee Grinder

Hario Mini Slip Pro Manual Coffee Grinder

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Hario Skerton Plus Manual Grinder

Hario Skerton Plus Manual Grinder

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Hario Skerton Pro Manual Grinder

Hario Skerton Pro Manual Grinder

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Handground Precision Manual Grinder

Handground Precision Manual Grinder

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1. Javapresse Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder



ir?t=coffee0a15 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B013R3Q7B2When it comes to coffee grinding machines, you cannot overlook the brand called Javapresse. They have been crafting tools to aid coffee lovers for a long time. Let’s talk about one of their top-tier products, the Javapresse manual coffee bean grinder.

No matter your brewing technique, be it an espresso machine, drip cone, French press, pour-over maker, or anything else, the Javapresse grinder will come up with high-quality grinds.

It has a stellar 18 different grind options, making sure you extract the beans in the shape you like. You can dust it into finer particles, medium and coarse, by tweaking the adjustable grind selector.

This product has a conical burr made of ceramic, which helps the beans retain flavor at all costs. The outer shell is stainless steel, giving it a stronghold in case of travel needs.

Take this grinder with you anywhere you go; it is very lightweight too and can be carried easily. The hopper size on this grinder is decent enough to hold up beans for 6 serving mocha pots.

Another good thing about this manual grinder is that it makes little to no noise compared to an electrical grinder. The grind quality it produces is very concentrated and helps to enhance the coffee flavors.

When it comes to convenience, you will not find a better manual grinder than this. It is easy to use and can be worked on easily without much trouble.

The ceramic burr and stainless steel body make it very durable and long-lasting. If you are seriously planning to get an authentic grinder, grab this one and start making your perfect morning cup.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of grind settings
  • Made of high-quality ceramic and stainless steel
  • Affordable in comparison to others
  • No electricity is required
  • Portable design
  • 90% less noisy than electronic ones
  • Easy to maintain


  • Low quality in the inner burr.

2. Hario Mini Slip Pro Manual Coffee Grinder



If you want fresh ground coffee, then picking up a Hario Mini coffee grinder can save you a lot of time. It is crafted in Japan to provide goods for coffee lovers.

Hario made sure the craftsmanship of this product was top-notch. It has a sleek stainless steel body with a black finish. The internal part has conical-shaped ceramic burrs for precision bean grinding. It has a detachable cast iron handle, making it portable and carryable on the go. Any coffee lover can have it in their bag, as it is very lightweight and has an ergonomic shape to fit any space.

You can control the quality of the grind using the adjustable bottom. Set it as you like to maintain the desired coarseness. From fine-grind enthusiasts to coarse-grind lovers, anyone can make use of this useful tool to obtain an exquisite coffee taste.

The maximum quantity this coffee grinder can hold is limited to 25g, which is decent for outings and casual coffee breaks.

We have this item enlisted because of its convenience in terms of extracting fine to coarse coffee in no time. It is small and lightweight, so there is no need to worry about its portability. It can be taken anywhere you go. The built quality and outlook are also commendable; the stainless steel and ceramic inner body make it durable and long-lasting.

Pros & Cons


  • ceramic conical burr provides a uniform outcome
  • It does not crack the coffee beans
  • Lightweight and stylish-looking
  • Portable design for easy storage and carry
  • Cheaper in comparison to other machines
  • Less noise compared to electrical ones


  • Setting the coarseness can be tricky if you are a beginner
  • Hopper holds only 25g of coffee

3. Hario Skerton Plus Manual Grinder

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More like a traditional coffee grinder, the Hario Skerton Plus is a crowd favorite. Everyone can use this product, from pro baristas to newbies, and get the best coffee. With a substantial hopper capacity of 100 g, it is indeed a very useful product.

For precision and consistent grind, the Hario Skerton has adapted some updated features from its predecessors. The addition of a strong shaft makes it very durable and functional. There is a stabilization plate to ensure the outcome is unvarying, and thus, you get a pleasant brewing experience.

Its burrs are made of ceramic, and the shape is conical, allowing high-quality functionality and coffee extraction. The hopper holding capacity is what we admire here; it can take up to 100g of coffee. Designed with portability in mind, you can carry this grinder anywhere you like.

It is easy to carry around because of its ergonomic shape and design. This is a wonderful choice if you want something on the go; if you plan to travel a lot and still want your coffee grinder with you, the Hario Skerton will easily fit your bag.

This item is completely detachable and easy to clean as well. It has a heat-resistant glass bowl and an anti-slip cover for user convenience. We like the overall appearance and, most importantly, the kind of workhorse it is. You are destined to get a wide range of grind sizes according to your preference.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for professionals and newcomers
  • Sturdy and long-lasting build quality
  • Portable, easy for travel, and on-the-go needs
  • Offers an extensive range of grind sizes
  • ceramic conical burr ensures uniform coffee
  • Has a good holding capacity


  • Changing the grind size is tricky

4. Hario Skerton Pro Manual Grinder

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This is the third Hario product we are reviewing, and it is here for a reason. For grinding coffee beans, you will need the most reliable tools tailor-made for crushing the beans to perfection.

Hario grinders are top-tier products and have been acknowledged by professional coffee makers. So if you want something for your home needs, look no further.

Skerton Pro offers all kinds of grinding, from finer goods to heavy coarse; you can adjust the setting according to your preference. The pro variant has all the necessary upgrades from its past models and will give you a more consistent outcome compared to the previous models.

The burr setting in this one is fairly easy to adjust. It comes with a conical ceramic burr for a more consistent grinding experience. The design of this grinder looks really good; with eye-catching lines and curvatures on the body, it is a crowd-pleaser. Adding to the looks, it does have the functionality to back it up.

What’s good about the upgrade is that it can match the electric grinders and even top them up with a more desired outcome. The manual grinder doesn’t crack the beans as any auto grinder does. It will shave off the beans to give a more finished end product.

We love the fact that it is durable and can give you different types of grinds without any extra hassle. All you have to do is put the beans in the hopper and set the grinding pattern, and you are good to go.

Pros & Cons


  • Reliable brand
  • High-quality stainless steel, ceramic, and glass
  • The adjustable function offers variation in the grind
  • Ceramic burrs for consistent and uniform coffee
  • Striking design, ergonomic shape
  • Portable, best for on-the-go and travel needs
  • Hopper can hold 100g of coffee


  • Plastic parts deteriorate after extensive use
  • Shafts can be hard to maneuver

5. Handground Precision Manual Grinder

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The handheld coffee grinder is a kind of bean crusher that coffee connoisseurs around the world have applauded. It has been upgraded with all the new features to ensure the best coffee-making experience.

If you have purchased coffee beans for French press brewing, then you must work it out with quality grinders. Handground can be very handy in this case; it has many different grinding options and adjustable selectors to make sure you get the coarseness you need.

Not just for French press, this machine can dust the beans into many sizes to be used on Chemex, Aeropress, pour-over technique, etc.

The hand crank on this product is removable, making it very portable and easy to carry while traveling, camping, or in-house brewing. Adding to its portable feature, this coffee grinder is very durable as well. It can be used for years and years without deteriorating.

Handground manual grinder has a very low noise function. Even when you crank the shaft, it will not be a hassle for the ears. It has a noise-reduction capability and works better than electric grinders. The wide hopper of this product is worth talking about. It can grind up to 100 grams of beans in a flash.

The markings (numbers) on the side can help you understand the outcome’s finesse. For example, 1 can be good for espresso, and 8 is best for French press. Altogether, you get 15 different coarsenesses from this grinder.

The side-mounted handle makes it easy for you to use your hands in tandem. Keep one in motion and hold the top with another, and the machine should do the rest.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide hopper for 100g capacity
  • Provides an extensive range of coarseness
  • conical ceramic burr helps in consistent grinding
  • Fully manual; no need for a power source
  • Makes less noise compared to electric items
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Suitable for different brewing methods


  • The geared crank is not up to the mark
  • It does not have a wide base and can be unstable

Features to Look for Before You Buy 

Getting hold of a coffee grinder for French press brewing is not as easy as it seems. There are many aspects that you need to look out for to get the ideal machine. You cannot just go to a market and ask for a grinder.

You should know what these machines are for and what makes them work efficiently. Let’s take a look at what you must consider before buying one.

Manual Or Electric

First of all, you must know how you plan to use the grinder. For example, if you are in a hurry and have no time to put effort into grinding by hand, then electric grinders are a good option.

If you don’t mind putting a little effort into the machine and are not in a rush, then manual ones are the best option.

In comparison, manual grinders are less noisy because they don’t use any motors to work. It’s all handheld movements that make the beans powdery. These tools are really helpful if you are traveling or camping. You won’t need a battery to grind your coffee beans.


Do you have enough space in your kitchen or tabletop? Well, you have to consider the space you will be keeping the grinders in. If the place is spacious, auto grinders with motors can be fitted.

If you want a more compact bean grinder to accommodate your living place or camping tours, then manual grinders are a better option. Manual machines with top or side cranks are usually very compact.

Burr Type

It is said that the bigger the burr, the faster it will grind up the beans. The faster it dusts the beans, the less heat it generates. If there is too much heat, then there is a chance of damaging the flavors.

If you are into French press brew, then getting a burr coffee grinder is advised rather than a blade machine. Blades tend to make the beans more like fine dust and will lack consistency. Burrs are best for consistent coffee grinds.

Conical burrs are ideal for French press brewing because of their ability to add body to the fines they create. We have named some excellent grinders with conical burrs in this write-up.


For a coffee connoisseur, it is wise to purchase something with adjustable grind settings. This helps to make sure the beans turn into finer goods, and if needed, they can be on the coarse side.

If you love the French press and other brewing methods, you better get something that can offer you a range of grind sizes. You can check out the Javapresse manual grinder in the list above.


Cleaning and replacing worn parts in a grinder is crucial for coffee lovers. If you use the machine regularly, you better keep it cleaned before your next use. Always look for deformed, deteriorated parts; if you see any, better replace them or simply change the grinder as a whole if it is inexpensive.

Different Types of Coffee Grinders

  • Blade Grinders

These machines use blades to chop off the coffee beans. The blades rotate with the help of external power and cut the beans into non-uniform shapes. Blade machines are wise if you need a cup of coffee in a flash and don’t want to stress your hand to make use of the grinder.

These types of choppers generate heat because of the running motor, and thus they can also deteriorate the coffee taste in some way. Blade grinders are also noisy in comparison to burr grinders.

  • Burr Grinders

Unlike blade grinders, burr machines use a grinder wheel instead of blades to crush the coffee beans. Positioning the burr can result in the varying coarseness of the grounds. In reality, burr grinders produce more uniform results than blade grinders. You can also control the size of the grounds by changing the grind setting.

The most common subcategory of this variant is conical burrs. These work at a slower speed and therefore do not generate heat compared to blades. There are motorized versions of it, and you can also find the manual ones, as we mentioned in this article.

How to Grind the Coffee Beans for a French Press

Grinding coffee beans right before the brewing process allows you to make freshly brewed coffee. Pre-grounds tend to lose their fineness over time; therefore, it’s best to grind your coffee beforehand.

If you love French press coffee, then it is wiser to grind your coffee beans for a perfect cup. Let’s take a look at how you can grind beans for the French press.

Step 1: Get Coffee Beans

The first thing to do is to purchase good quality coffee beans. Make sure to buy whole beans and later grind them to your preference.

Step 2: Put the Beans in the Hopper

Take out the beans, place them in the hopper, close the lid, and move on to the next step. Some machines will allow very little accommodation, and some will have a large capacity. Hario Mini has a capacity of 25g, whereas Hario Skerton can hold 100 g.

Step 3: Grind the Coffee

We are talking about manual grinders here, so if you have one such machine, you must make sure the grind quality is coarse and not fine. It can also be medium ground, but coarse ground is most effective for the French press.

Set your grinder to the desired setting if it supports multiple options. You can set the clicks to 1-2 clicks for Greek coffee, 3-4 clicks (fine) for espresso, 8-11 clicks (medium) for drip coffee, and the French press is best to tweak to 12-16 clicks for a more coarse end.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I purchase a manual grinder or an electric one?

It depends on you and the way you plan to use the grinder. As we said, if you are traveling or on a camping routine, then manual grinders are best because they are hand-controlled and won’t need batteries.

On the other hand, auto grinders can work wonders if you don’t want any work for your hands and need a drink as soon as possible.

  • Which manual coffee grinder is best for French press brewing?

For the French press, try getting a burr grinder. This will make sure the grinds are uniform. You can check out Hario Skerton Plus in our review section. Don’t forget to look at the other grinders; these are all burr grinders and are picked for their workability and precision.

  • Can I use pre-ground products for the French press?

Yes, you can use pre-ground coffee products for brewing in a French press, but we advise you to start fresh by grinding beans right before you use a French press. Grounds tend to lose some of their flavor over time, so why compromise on quality when you can grind the coffee yourself using a manual grinder?

  • Is French press coffee bad for your health?

French press machines are believed to extract coffee that is less healthy than filtered brew. The metal filter on the French press machine does not eliminate the coffee oils; thus, it tends to be denser and is a little higher on cholesterol levels.

That doesn’t mean the French press should be overlooked. Try out the French press if you crave more flavorful and strong coffee.

  • Why should I use a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder?

Burr machines are best for grinding beans, whereas blades are there to chop the beans in uneven shapes. Burr grinders are made to produce uniform coffee grinds.

  • Why is French Press coffee the best? 

If you are craving intense coffee flavors, then there is nothing better than a French press machine. This allows you to brew the grinds without filtering out the natural oils and fines. What’s good about the French press is that you have the upper hand over it and can alter the variables according to your needs.

You can limit the number of whole beans in the hopper as you wish. You are allowed to pick the type of coffee beans and ground size and set the temperature of the boiled water as you prefer. For big-bodied coffee lovers, the French press technique can work wonders.

Final Words

Are you a savant when it comes to coffee? Then you should already know the importance of a coffee grinder. If not, we are here to educate you.

In this article, we have discussed why coffee grinders are crucial before applying a brewing process like the French press, Aeropress, Chemex, or any other way of making coffee.

You can always get pre-grounds from the market, but making the fines from the beans yourself can amplify the freshness and flavor of the coffee. This article is all about the 5 best manual coffee grinders for the French press and what makes this particular brewing process so special.

Give it a read, then pick the product you like and prepare coffee like a pro.

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