Best Metal Filter for Aeropress

Top 9 Best Metal Filter for Aeropress – Buying Guide 2024

The Aeropress coffee maker is a simple, quick, and convenient way to make a delicious cup of coffee. Its compact design makes it practical to use and store at home or while traveling.

One of its best features is that it can be used anywhere there is hot water and ground coffee beans available! Though a bundle of Aeropress paper filters is supplied with an Aeropress brewer, using a metal filter will provide you with more flavorful coffee as metal filters don’t absorb oil from beans.


If you’re interested in picking up the best metal filter for Aeropress, this write-up will help you. So, keep reading.

9 Best Metal Filters for Aeropress Reviews


There are lots of reliable and unreliable metal filters for Aeropress that can be found on the internet. As a result, you may make the wrong decision while choosing one for yourself. To help you make an informed and fast decision, I have picked 10 really good Aeropress metal filters and reviewed them thoroughly, including their pros and cons.


Without further delay, let’s jump on to the review section. However, if you don’t have enough time to read the reviews here I have made a shortlist defining which metal filter is ideal for certain circumstances.

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Altura Metal Mesh Filter For Aeropress

Altura Metal Mesh Filter For Aeropress

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Kaffeeologie S Filter

Kaffeeologie S Filter

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Slimm Filter 2 Pack Premium Metal Filters

Slimm Filter 2 Pack Premium Metal Filters

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CAFE CONCETTO Filters for use in AeroPress Coffee Makers

CAFE CONCETTO Filters for use in AeroPress Coffee Makers

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DISCPackaging 1d247e85 6e29 492e 8334 0465a4f70327

The DISC: Premium Filter for AeroPress Coffee Makers by ALTURA

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Corretto Set of 3 Reusable Filters for AeroPress Mesh Fine and Ultra Fine

Corretto Set of 3 Reusable Filters for AeroPress; Mesh, Fine, and Ultra-Fine

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CAFE CONCETTO Filter for use with AeroPress Coffee Makers

CAFE CONCETTO Filter for use with AeroPress Coffee Makers

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Housewares solutions 4 pack filters for Aeropress coffee makers

Housewares solutions 4-pack filters for Aeropress coffee makers

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GoldTone steel filter for Aeropress and espresso makers

GoldTone steel filter for Aeropress and espresso makers

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1. Altura Metal Mesh Filter For Aeropress

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Say goodbye to clogging and hello to a clean brewing experience. The Altura metal mesh filter for the Aeropress coffee maker will provide an excellent cup of coffee every time.


The 18/8 stainless steel-made thing is extremely durable and will last longer than your expectations. Moreover, it’s dishwasher-safe to provide cleaning convenience.

The best thing about this metal disk is that it is compatible with both coarse-ground and fine-ground coffee beans. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite hints of flavor, as this filter does not allow any sediment or grounds to pass through.



Moreover,  this fine mesh filter will fit perfectly in your Aeropress coffee maker and won’t decrease the flavor and aroma of the coffee. It provides a better user experience than paper filters and is easy to use.


Not only will it save you money in the long term, but it’ll also impress all your friends with wonders if a stainless steel metal filter can perform like a standard paper filter. So, now you will have perfect creaminess in the morning coffee every time.



  • Easy to wash and reuse
  • It provides long-lasting performance
  • It is very easy to use


  • Poor customer service provided by the seller


02. Kaffeeologie S Filter

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If you want to have the thinness of a paper filter and enjoy the convenience of a metal filter, this Kaffeeologie S filter will be the perfect solution for you. Yes, this amazing metal filter is as thin as a paper filter.


Despite its thin structure, this stainless steel Aeropress coffee maker filter is extremely sturdy. So, it won’t dent or damage due to multiple uses every day. Moreover, it ensures that your coffee remains more flavorful and creamy.


In addition to that, you can wash this mesh filter as many times as you wish, and it’s dishwasher safe too. Don’t worry! Every time, this reusable S filter will perform like a new one. To make it more durable, its mesh part is secured and sealed with 16 rivets.


The best part of this stunning Aeropress filter is it fits almost all models of Aeropress coffee makers, and if it doesn’t fit into your Aeropress, the seller will refund you. It seems promising, isn’t it?


Also, this filter won’t limit you from trying new coffee recipes with your Aeropress coffee maker, as it won’t extract oils from the coffee and won’t let the finely ground coffee pass through it.



  • Top-notch build quality
  • Compatible with the majority of Aeropress coffee makers
  • Produce a clear cup of coffee


  • 1. It passes the poured water very quickly


03. Slimm Filter 2 Pack Premium Metal Filters

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For frequent travelers, Aeropress is an admirable coffee brewer, as they can easily brew their favorite cup of coffee in no time with it. However, carrying a big sheet of paper filters may occupy plenty of space in their bag, and that’s why a metal filter is a worthy option.


But what if you lose the tiny metal disk filter in the middle of the journey? Well, it will be the most unpleasant thing for any coffee lover. So, taking two same-quality metal filters at the same time will be a worthwhile decision, and this 2-pack metal filter by Slimm is a good choice in such circumstances.


The great news is that this product is very cost-efficient. You will get 2 premium quality metal filters for your Aeropress for the price of one. Though it’s much cheaper than its competitors, it offers all the convenience of a top-rated metal filter. Yes, it’s easy to clean, has a solid structure with food-grade stainless steel and mesh, and is reusable.


In addition to that, it brews perfectly oily coffee every time and is compatible with all models of Aeropress machines. If you want your coffee to be denser, you can use the inverted brewing method as well.



  • Affordable price tag
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Clean-up is really easy


  • Feels slightly flimsier compared to its rivals.


04. The DISC: Premium Filter for AeroPress Coffee Makers by ALTURA

download 11




Here is another top-class metal filter from Altura, and here the brand offers you a very good deal. The disc is a special metal filter and it is perfect for coarser grinds; typically used for the French press. While paper filters don’t allow oils through, this excellent disc filter allows it through, making the brew much juicier.


Since Altura Aeropress coffee maker filters are made out of stainless steel and hence, durable and strong, you can carry this on travel and use it for a long time. The only problem with these filters is you have to wash them patiently so that no grind can stick to them. But this is something you have to do after using a reusable filter of any brand.


You may wonder if the filters fit in old and new AeroPress versions alike. Since they are very slim, Altura filters fit in any AeroPress coffee maker model. In addition to that, the package includes an e-book that allows beginners to learn AeroPress brewing methods as well as different recipes.



  • Altura filters allow oils to go through but do not allow a single grit to make it through.
  • Retain the authentic flavor and taste of the coffee
  • You will get a well-written ebook


  • It’s smaller in size compared to paper filters


05. Cafe Concetto Filters for Use in Aeropress Coffee Makers

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Café Concetto has brought to you a pair of AeroPress metal filters that give you a great coffee-making experience. The pair of filters comes in a disc design that perfectly fits in your AeroPress coffee machines. The pair includes fine and superfine filters that allow you to control grit and acidity.


The Disc Fine is used to make full-bodied coffee, whereas the Superfine disk helps you brew sweeter and smoother coffee.


Since these filters are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, you can use them for a long time. The titanium coating made them super smooth and robust. These are also a great option to pack for traveling; they occupy a small space in your backpack and unlike paper filters, you don’t need to buy a lot of them. A pair of filters is sufficient for lifetime service.


However, the only issue with this package is you don’t get a mesh filter that could help you brew and taste another type of coffee.



  • Durable and lasts for a long time.
  • Titanium coating looks beautiful and increases the filters’ strength.
  • Two filter types allow you to brew your desired AeroPress coffee


  • Difficult to push down immediately after brewing coffee


06. Corretto Set of 3 Reusable Filters for Aero Press: Mesh, Fine, and Ultra-Fine

61MM Coffee Metal Filter Reusable Stainless Steel Filter Mesh For Aeropress Coffee Maker 61MM Kitchen Accessories


Corretto brings you another set of Aeropress reusable filters that are crafted with laser-precision technology to effortlessly fit in your AeroPress coffee maker.


This package is equipped with 3 types of filters: mesh, fine, and ultra-fine. The purpose is to control the amount of grit and acidity according to how smooth and sweet coffee you want the coffee to be. The mesh filter results in the smoothest as well as the sweetest AeroPress coffee. A fine filter helps brew full-bodied coffee with some acidity retained. The ultra-fine one, however, leaves no grit, although it retains a bit of acidity.


The stainless steel does not absorb any flavor or taste from your coffee and it is FDA-approved too. Hence, you can have the original taste of a cup of AeroPress coffee. Plus, you can easily clean the filters after every brew. The best thing is that you never run out of filters, as you can use them as many times as you wish.


You will be glad to know that Corretto provides a printed brewing Guide with the pack. This recipe book will be an extremely helpful companion for those who love to try something new and innovative in their coffee.



  • Corretto reusable filters do not compromise the flavor and taste of your coffee.
  • These are made of FDA-approved stainless steel which indicates they are food-grade.
  • Three types of filters allow you to control the acidity and grit.


  • Cleanup takes a little bit of your time and effort.


07. Cafe Concetto Filter for Use with Aero Press Coffee Makers



Cafe Concetto’s fine filters are achieving worldwide recognition for top brew performance and sustainability. This filter is built to last longer so you can take an unlimited amount of coffee without any worries. Additionally, it has an attractive design.


With this highly compatible filter pack, it’s time to step up the brewing game. Yes, the Concetto filters for Aeropress are designed to ensure exceptional performance and effortless brewing. You can use any of the discs to make a full-bodied, perfect cup of coffee in no time.


Furthermore, its brewing clarity touches the heart. Surely, your Aeropress coffee will get an ultimate boost with these filters. More importantly, it retains tasty oils that paper filters absorb. Additionally, it increases pressure and extraction to minimize drips. Overall, you will enjoy a juiced coffee with the exact flavor that you want.


At the same time, it is lightweight and ideal for travelers. For more convenience in carrying the metal filter while traveling, you can lock the disc with the filter cap of the Aeropress. Indeed, this filter is perfect for any tour or normal home use.


Certainly, it contributes to the environment by saving thousands of paper filters for a greener planet.


To conclude, the Concetto filters have been made of high-strength stainless steel material. Afterward, it is coated with titanium, resulting in an exquisite finish. You will get a lifetime guarantee on all of the filters from Concetto.



  • Brew tips included with the filter
  • Reusable and easy to wash
  • Made of premium coated steel


  • This filter is a little bit expensive compared to its competitors


 08. Housewares Solutions 4-Pack Filters for Aeropress Coffee Makers


download 12

Housewares solutions Reusable mesh filters for your Aeropress coffee brewer can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a fast and easy way of making coffee while saving extra money that is spent on paper filters. You don’t even have to worry about these filters’ compatibility, as these best Aeropress filters fit older and newer Aeropress models.


Now no more grounds ending up in your mug with these stainless steel filters with top-grade filtration. However, it is made with BPA-free material to give you healthy coffee without compromising the taste. Also, the 18/8 stainless steel construction ensures that these metal disks will give a robust performance.


Due to their top-notch build quality, they allow the coffee oils to flow through for a delicious, nice-looking cup of coffee


As you can easily guess, these filters enhance the taste of the coffee, while paper filters remove essential oils and nutrients. It’s always easy to pack and carry too. Additionally, it is fast, affordable, and easy-going.


You won’t face any issues cleaning and storing these metal filters. All you have to do is just wash them with water for a few seconds when you finish brewing coffee. Moreover, you will get a 100 percent money-back guarantee from the manufacturer in case these filters don’t fit your Aeropress.


More importantly, the filter is reusable and eco-friendly. By using a steel filter, you can avoid disposable paper filters being thrown into the garbage. Overall, these filters give you a cost-effective way to make your coffee and, in the meantime, save the environment.



  • This one is easy to clean, use, and store
  • An excellent one for travelers
  • It is sustainable and reusable


  • The filter is a little bit thick, and getting the Aeropress to seal is a little tough.


09. Gold Tone Steel Filter for Aeropress and Espresso Makers




This amazing coffee kit can help you start your day off with an excellent cup of fresh coffee. Yes, Goldtone steel filters for Aeropress are a great addition for sure in the kitchen. Moreover, it is long-lasting, high-quality, reusable, and easy to wash.


If you are looking for an eco-friendly and economical filter, this is the best one. It is compatible with all AeroPress coffee makers. With its reusable system, you can save the environment, which is not possible with paper filters that end up in landfills.


Notably, this filter can be a nice gift for men and women when you are putting together a gift set for a coffee lover. Also, this special filter replacement is an excellent idea as a birthday gift, as the Goldtone filter produces delicious coffee and saves more oil compared with the paper filter.


Most paper coffee filters use toxic chlorine during manufacturing, but these metal reusable filters are even better as they do not lead to deforestation or pollution. This filter is made with BPA-free food-grade materials and without any harmful chemicals.


Additionally, it is mess-free and very easy to use. It also comes with a 1 oz. scoop and a brush to help you brew coffee more conveniently.


To summarize, this filter kit is from an American company that provides assured customer satisfaction with environment-friendly supplies for your coffee collection.



  • It ensures durable performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Environment friendly


  • This filter is a little bit expensive


What to Look for Before You Buy


Buying a permanent metal filter for Aeropress will save you time and money in the long run. And, you will have more flavorful coffee each time. But, certain things need to be kept in mind before buying such a filter. So, let’s have a look at these things.




The Aeropress comes with a special adapter that lets you use the Aeropress with a metal filter.  However, this does not mean that you should buy a cheap metal filter that is sold at a cheap rate. These filters might be made from inferior metals which can seriously damage you in the long term.


You must always buy filters that are BPA-free. This ensures that the metal used in making the filter is safe for human consumption and will not cause any internal damage over time.


Easy to use


You must also check if the metal filter is comfortable to use and fits all models of Aeropress coffee machines. Otherwise, you may face difficulties in placing the filter inside your Aeropress machine or it might fit loose resulting in the worst quality coffee with sediment.


Easy to clean


Metal filters, though relatively permanent, can also be quite difficult to clean. If you want to change flavors quickly after every brew, then buying a hard-to-clean metal filter is again a bad idea. So, it is better to choose filters that are easy to clean.


This way, you will not only save time but will also be able to brew multiple flavors in quick succession without having to wait or invest too much effort in the cleanup process.


Build Quality


Metal filters are generally strong and durable. However, they must be made from high-quality stainless steel to be safe for regular use. If you buy a cheap metal filter that has not been designed to last for long periods, then it might bend or even rust after repeated use. This can make it unusable in the long run. So, always buy filters that are strong and durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use.


Size and weight


The metal filter should be the right size to fit inside your Aeropress. Also, it must have a good enough weight so that it can be securely placed inside without falling accidentally. Buying a filter that is too big or too small for your Aeropress might just mean trouble for you.


Types of Metal filter


There are various types of metal filters out there, and you have to pick one according to your preference. The most common types of metal filters are mesh, fine, and superfine. The best thing about them is that each type of filter produces a unique coffee taste.


Frequently asked question


Many common questions are asked regarding these metal filters. Let’s see some of these questions and Answers.


  • Are coffee filters bad for the environment?


Paper filters are thrown away after making a cup of coffee and new papers are used every time. As we all know, papers are made from plants. So paper coffee filters are not good for the environment. However, you won’t have to replace metal filters each time. Just wash and reuse it. So, metal filters don’t harm our environment.


  • How long do stainless steel coffee filters last?


Though most Aeropress coffee filters come with a lifetime guarantee, these stainless steel filters will last around 5-7 years.


  • Does the metal filter remove Cafestol?


Yes, like paper filters, mesh metal filters also remove harmful cafestol from coffee. However, other types of metal filters may not work as effectively as mesh filters in reducing Cafestol.


  • “Aeropress paper vs metal filter” Which one is ideal for travelers?


Metal filters are ideal for travelers as you need to carry a lot of paper filters which take up space in your suitcase. On the other hand, a metal filter is reusable and you can carry this thin metal disk inside your Aeropress coffee maker without any hassle.


  • Does an Aeropress coffee maker come with filters?


Yes, all famous brands supply paper filters with their Aeropress machine. However, if you want to use metal filters, you have to buy them separately.


Final words


If you are a passionate coffee lover, you must have bought an Aeropress. This small brewer is one of the best ways to make your coffee. It produces some intense flavors which are hard to achieve with other brewers.


However, paper filters of Aeropress coffee brewer snatch away flavors from coffee by absorbing oils from the beans. Therefore, buy any of these above-reviewed metal filters for your Aeropress and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from today!