How Often to Replace Burrs on Coffee Grinders

How Often to Replace Burrs on Coffee Grinders
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Burrs on your grinder won’t last forever, and you know that. But how often to replace burrs on coffee grinders? It may seem tricky for a while- but as soon as you start learning some of the key indications I’ve discussed in this article, you will know when exactly to replace burrs on your coffee grinder.

Don’t get me wrong; usually, there is no expiry date written anywhere that tells you when to replace the burrs, but some signs do. And this article is all about those signs and indications, or perhaps a little more than that.

Let’s Find out How Often to Replace Burrs on Coffee Grinders

How Often to Replace Burrs on Coffee Grinders
How Often to Replace Burrs on Coffee Grinders

Top-notch burr coffee grinders last for decades, but it doesn’t mean that every price coffee grinder will have an equal lifespan. That’s why you should have a general idea regarding how often you should replace the burrs on your coffee grinder. And for that, you should know the signs indicating the condition of the coffee grinders.

Here is how you can find out whether or not the burrs on your grinder have worn out.

When It Doesn’t Taste Good Anymore

Burr grinders are popular among baristas because of the consistent ground that is hardly found in a blade grinder. As time goes by, the burrs on your grinder get dull, and eventually worn out. It happens so slowly and gradually that you will hardly notice any change in them.

The burrs keep getting blunter, offering bad coffee grounds. Bad grounds lead to bad taste. When it consistently gets worse, you can finally realize that you got to replace the burrs.

New burrs serve better ground and eventually, you can have a really good cup of coffee, perhaps espresso, once again.

Dull Burrs Issues

Sounds so obvious, right? The issue is you cannot see if they have got dull. One way to check their sharpness is to take those burrs out and to see if they feel dull on your hands.

Make sure you clean them before you can check their sharpness. If they feel sharp on your hands and look just like they did on the first day, they are good and replacement is not recommended.

But if they look and feel otherwise, maybe it’s time for a replacement.

Inconsistency On Grind Sizes

Dull burrs cannot grind coffee beans to the expected consistency and precision. Different grind sizes may include boulders to fine ones. But the inconsistency of sizes leads to a bitter cup of coffee.

One or two uneven boulders may easily be ignored, but when inconsistency becomes common, you may have to spend a great deal of time to achieve consistency. But it won’t work if those burrs are really so blunt. So, you will have to replace those burrs.

Clumps Are Everywhere

When burrs start getting blunt, you will see a couple of clumps or more on the coffee ground. They are no big deal, yet remind you of their age. As they get blunter and blunter, you will see clumps everywhere on the coffee ground.

Grinding at low numbers may help for a while, but eventually, it becomes inefficient. It means you need a couple of new burrs.

The Manufacturer May Have a Recommendation

Though they won’t mention a date, they will mention the number of coffee beans you can grind using the same burrs on your grinder. It means you have to replace your burrs after grinding as much coffee as mentioned in the manufacturer’s guide.

Wo, that’s not how it works; it may wear well before grinding that amount of coffee, or may still be able to grind no matter what. However, if you take their recommendations seriously, you are not really making a mistake. It’s just that you are relying too much on a ‘piece of paper’ rather than figuring it out on your own.

No matter how exaggerated or underestimated the lifespan of a burr is on that piece of paper, you can start here. It may not tell you the best time to replace burrs on coffee grinders, but it will definitely give you a good idea about the lifespan of your grinder’s burrs.

However, before you can finally take those burrs out, make sure they have served you enough fine coffee grounds. I mean, you must take the above-discussed indications into consideration, such as uneven and inconsistent coffee grounds.

Tips for Keeping Your Burrs Sharp

Although the burr grinders last for a long time, the burrs on them get blunt after a while. Here is how you can keep them sharp and efficient for a longer period.

1. Don’t Grind Things Other Than Coffee Beans

Using a versatile machine, you can do many tasks that you are incapable of doing alone. Sometimes we get things done with a single machine though it was primarily made for different tasks.

A burr grinder, however, should be left for grinding only coffee beans. It may be able to grind other things as well, but sooner it could make your burr grinder blunt.

2. Grind Upright

A seasoned barista would never grind coffee beans at an angle. Grinding upright is easier on your grinder. If you grind at an angle, it may put extra pressure on the burr shaft which would lead to coarse, uneven coffee ground.

3. Make Sure The Beans Are Perfectly Roasted

If the beans are roasted unevenly, they can cause your burrs to dull more quickly. Also, perfectly roasted beans go easier on the burrs. Thus the lifespan of the burrs increases. So, make sure the beans are perfectly roasted.

4. Clean The Grinder

Coffee grounds can build up on your burrs and cause them to become dull quickly. So, clean the grinder every time you use it. Thus it will remain sharp and efficient.

5. Avoid grinding too much coffee at once

Grinding large quantities of coffee can put unnecessary stress on your burrs and cause them to become dull faster. Especially, if you use an inexpensive grinder.

Why it’s important to Change the Burrs Of Your Grinder?

The burrs in your grinder should be changed regularly for many reasons. For one, worn-out or dull burrs can affect the flavor and quality of your coffee. If the burrs are excessively worn or damaged, they may not be able to properly grind your coffee beans into a fine powder, which can lead to issues like over-extraction and a burnt, bitter taste.

In addition, failing to replace your burrs at the right time may also result in an uneven grind, which can make it more difficult to get that perfect cup of coffee.

Another reason why it is important to keep your grinder’s burrs in good condition is that it helps maintain the performance and lifespan of your grinder overall. When burrs are not doing their job properly due to damage or wear, this can put undue stress on other parts of the grinder, such as the motor.

Plus, keeping your grinder in good working order can ensure that you always have consistent results every time you use it. So if you want to guarantee top-quality brews and protect your investment at the same time, you should definitely make sure the burrs of your grinder are in good condition.

Last Words

So, how often to replace burrs on your coffee grinders? It’s a commonly asked question that, I think, has a simple, yet long answer. The thing is you never know the burrs will get dull, or when exactly to replace them with new ones.

The solution is: Observe whether or not the burrs are working as efficiently as they used to be back then. Above all, the coffee grounds are the best indicator of the sharpness of the burrs.

I hope the article was helpful for you. Have a good cup of coffee and enjoy your day!

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