Bulletproof coffee is a beverage made of coffee & high-quality fat. Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur, first introduced this in 2011.

Although the name, ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ was derived from the line of Asprey’s wellness products, it has gained popularity. And, today this name applies to any coffee that roughly matches the original recipe of Asprey – An emulsion or blend of 8-12 ounces brewed coffee, 1-2 tbsp coconut oil or MCT, and 1-2 tbsp of grass-fed butter or ghee.

In this piece on how to make bulletproof coffee, I tried to cover all aspects of bulletproof coffee along with the recipe.

A Detailed Discussion on How to Make Bulletproof Coffee


Before starting to make your coffee, let me share some insight on this beverage. It is a healthy beverage for those who do not have a high cholesterol level & take it as part of a balanced diet.

It is also popular among the keto community. It is full of rich & nutritious fat. For some people, bulletproof coffee helps reduce caffeine intake (those who are used to drinking high amounts).

As it contains low-carb and high-quality fat, it offers not only an energy boost but also enhances the ability to focus. Some people don’t want to have a full breakfast before their morning workout. Bulletproof coffee is a perfect solution for them as it provides sufficient energy for morning exercise.

All of these are great, but naturally, there are some downsides to bulletproof coffee. If it is taken as a replacement for breakfast, it may reduce the total nutrient intake.

Bulletproof coffee is full of saturated fat. Its health benefits are controversial, & limiting saturated fat intake is conventionally recommended. For some people, a high level of saturated fat can enhance the level of cholesterol and the risk of other heart diseases.

I hope this is ‘enough’ as an introduction to bulletproof coffee. Let’s start making…!

The basic recipe to make a bulletproof coffee is simple – Brewed coffee + high-quality fat + blender, that’s all you need. The detailed process is given below.

Step 1 – Brewing

Brew your coffee (anywhere between 8-12 oz is good enough) in the usual manner.

Step 2 – Choosing the fats

When it comes down to choosing fats, a variety of options are out there. Mixing MCT oil or coconut oil with a small amount of butter or ghee is a great option as it produces delightful flavour and texture. However, it’s just a suggestion, and you can opt for other options depending on your taste & choice.

But the question is, how much fat to add? A good ratio is 1 tbsp of fat to 8-12 oz of coffee. Some nutritious fat suggestions are given below:

  1.  An ideal option is grass-fed butter.
  2.   Some people are lactose intolerant but still love to get the benefits of grass-fed butter. For those ambitious ones, grass-fed ghee is a good option. Besides, it’s also great in terms of flavour & texture.
  3.     The third one is coconut oil, which is a great immunity booster. Also, it contains anti-inflammatory qualities
  4.  MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride) oil, is a coconut oil product. It works as an instant energy booster. It is also known as Brain octane oil. However, if MCT is new to you, use a small amount because it can be troublesome for digestion if you are not habituated to it. One teaspoon is a good starter; you can gradually increase the amount after getting used to MCT.
  5.  Coconut butter is another healthy option. It offers a unique coconut taste.
  6. Cacao butter is a rare but pretty special choice. The coffee mixed with cacao butter may taste like white chocolate.
  7.     Nut butter is great in terms of richness and flavour. It works best when mixed with a straight-up fat, for example, coconut oil.

Step 3 – Blending

Blend the coffee with your selected fat in a blender until it appears to be smooth, creamy, and emulsified. Pour into a mug, and that’s it! Your coffee is ready to drink.

Additional ingredients of How to Make Bulletproof Coffee (optional)

If you want to take your bulletproof coffee to the next level, you can add other ingredients. For example, adding a pinch of salt to your bulletproof coffee can balance the flavour well and remove some bitterness. Besides, you can add adaptogens, herbs & supplements to your bulletproof. These are plants or herbs that assist in regulating the immunity and stress response of our body.

Here is a small list:

  1.     Collagen peptides
  2.     Maca powder or Peruvian ginseng
  3.     Indian Ginseng or Ashwagandha powder
  4.     Turmeric

Flavors & sweeteners

Adding flavours to the coffee is a common scenario. When it comes down to adding flavours, the list is long. Here are some common spices & flavourings-

  1.     Cocoa powder
  2.     Cinnamon
  3.     Peppermint extract
  4.     Almond extract
  5.     Vanilla extract
  6.     Cayenne – works great when mixed with cacao & cinnamon.

Adding sweeteners is optional, yet it plays a significant role if you add adaptogens to your coffee. Adaptogens can make your coffee a little bit bitter. These are some sweeteners that can be added to your bulletproof coffee-

  1. Maple syrup
  2. Coconut nectar
  3. Coconut sugar
  4. Honey

However, if you are taking Bulletproof as part of the keto diet and want to avoid extra carbs or sugar, forget about adding sweeteners. It can destroy your diet plan.

What about the taste?

Bulletproof coffee almost tastes like a creamy latte if you blend it accurately. Although it has a great taste in its original form, different flavourings can be added to customize the flavour.

However, if you don’t blend your bulletproof coffee, it will turn out to be a cup of coffee with a layer of fat on the top. It is not only disappointing but also ruins the taste.

Making bulletproof coffee without a blender

What about those who don’t have a blender? Well, there are always alternatives, right? Get a battery-operated milk frother for blending your bulletproof coffee. This is also great for making other beverages while on the go.

Besides, there is a keto-creamer available in the market. By using that, you can avoid the need for blending.

There are some more…

A fun fact, you can make a bulletproof coffee both hot & cold! If you want to make a cold bulletproof coffee, you need to stick with the MCT oil as it’s the only fat that works for a cold bulletproof coffee. The reason is – the state of MCT oil is liquid at room temperature, and it will remain emulsified with the coffee even when it’s cold.

Final Words

Gorgeous bulletproof coffee made with healthy fats & customized with adaptogens or flavours. If you are planning for a Ketogenic diet, then bulletproof coffee will be perfect for you.

The described process of making bulletproof coffee is a basic & simple one. You can customize it and make your recipe according to your preference. However, if you’re interested in trying bulletproof coffee, check your blood markers. Bulletproof can be risky for those who have a high cholesterol level. Take care.

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